Done a bit of tweaking in the toolshed. Sheih sent my official blogger badge of honour which I am trying to put on the site. Thanks a heap, bro.
Changed the header and added FL2020’s quote which basically sums up my present state of mind.

And the story behind the tag-line:

“Wow! FL2020’s quote hit me like a ton of bricks.

Why? You might ask.

Well, it concerns my ex-wife who is chinese and we parted ways in Dec’95. Her name is Jean Schofield and she resides in the U.K. Strange name for a muslim, you’d think. Actually, it’s not, if you consider that she remarried in ’97, became a born-again christian but her husband passed away some years later due to illness.

Last year, after almost 11 years, a mutual friend got in touch with me to inform that Jean was in K.L. and asked whether I would like to meet up. Frankly, I became extremely nervous at the thought despite the earlier years of consoling myself, finding various reasons/excuses to justify (yeah, right) the end of our marriage.

Anyway, we did meet up for lunch on 31/08/06 at Bangsar and thereafter, Jean requested my permission to see my parents. I told her that my mum had prior knowledge of our lunch date (?) and she would be most welcome to visit. Jean had that extreme look of relief, like you know…YES!!!…as if she just slamdunked the winning point in a basketball game with 2 seconds left on the clock.

Later, at home, Jean wanted to pray for my ill, bed-ridden dad and surprisingly, my mum said “Please do”. It was much later in the night when my mum explained to me that all prayers in good faith for the well-being of another should be allowed as we are not God to decide whether it is accepted or not.

Jean and I met up again twice within the next 4 days including another home gathering in which two of my sisters were conspicuously around. Old nostalgic stories were the main menu apart from the food spread on the dining table (Man, these ladies can really binge and yakkity-yak).

Jean does missionary and charity work, having been to Timor Leste and recently, to Isreal. That alone makes my wanting to change our government a little miniscule by comparison.

Our meeting in August ’06 brought closure for both of us and in the pursuit of our now separate lives, I wish for her the best that life can offer and God’s protection always.

Forgiving is indeed divine.

Jean and I have chosen different paths now but there is a happy ending after all. As we meet again once in a while, after a lapse of months or years, we may recall moments in the past when life was little different. Invariably, it’s the ‘good times’ (there were too numerous to consider) that we both cherish in our hearts. And having friends who shared our lives then and presently, the ‘annual’ gatherings can be a riot.

When we go our separate ways again, I have a strong feeling that Jean will be looking forward to ‘coming home’ the next time.

I know I do.”

-5th March ’07 from Sheih’s “Desert Moon” posting.

So there you go. Me first ‘real’ posting.

Will have ‘macho’ stuff later for those similarly inclined.