They met for over two days. They spoke and discussed with each other, and even had a seafood cuisine lunch aboard a luxury cruise liner. The schedule must have been hectic because there wasn’t a moment to spare to visit TDM who was admitted to the Langkawi hospital for having ‘breathing difficulties’.

Prior to the visit of RDC’s prime minister, LHL, who was to be received by AAB, there were a number of speculations on the issues to be discussed (but presumably, not negotiated on) between the two head of states. Briefly, the issues were:

a) The water agreements, b) CPF, c) the ‘Scenic’ bridge, d) KTM landbank, e) military jet overflights, if any and f) island-building materials, if any, all of which are still contentious matters awaiting amicable and sustainable solutions stretching back over a decade.

The new ‘old’ issues were a) the expansion of bi-lateral airlinks, b) bullet-train project, c) sea-ports links and d) the ever-continuing FDIs from RDC.

Whatever happened to ‘Pulau Batu Putih’ which was put into the arms of the ICJ in the Hague since 1994?

So there’s quite a menu of delectable entrees and main dishes to chew on for these two heads of states. And they decided to role-play as captains of industries to further enhance bi-lateral relations to a higher level. Currently, it’s ‘warm, so I presume they wish to turn up the heat to ‘warmer’.

And the only ‘warm’ issue put on the oven (though I tend to believe it’s a microwave coz it cooks more quickly) was the IDR project with the added flavour of having a joint ministerial committee (JMC) to oversee and/or iron out wrinkles in IDR’s progress. I thought the IDR was a federal project under the ambit of Khazanah Nasional which is our government’s entity for investments. It was also reported that the JMC will NOT decide on investment matters which I find rather incongruent to the purpose of setting up the JMC if RDC’s investments were to be considered. Why must the matter of FDIs be delegated and/or relegated to another ‘special’ committee when you would consider that the JMC, being the highest level of cooperation between the two nations, was assigned a seemingly ‘support’ role. How much exactly is RDC investing into the IDR or is this just a new trend by AAB to have a ‘foreign’ site supervisor?

Eating durians is an acquired taste. Once you get over the smell, you got it licked.


I’m hungry for more information. What about you?