It’s the weekend, folks, and you know what that means.


It’s the ‘game of the year’ weekend between Man U and that other team from England for the EPL’s F.A.Cup final.

Meanwhile, Man U’s game in K.L on the 27th of July ’07 still hangs on the balance despite words of ‘bravado’ by FAM confirming their ‘support’ to the government’s endorsement to proceed with the game. Mohamed Hammam, the AFC supremo, apparently, is still sticking to his guns on the ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ regarding FAM not messing up the Asian Cup (presumably it’s gate-takings).

There are 16 teams grouped into:

A-Australia(42), Iraq(79), Oman(74), Thailand(120)

B-Japan(44), Qatar(33), U.A.E.(90), Vietnam(139)

C-China(73), Iran(41), Malaysia(156), Uzbekistan(58)

D-Bahrain(101), Indonesia(149), Korea Rep(51), Saudi Arabia(63)

The numbers in brackets are the respective countries latest (May’07) FIFA rankings. No, it’s not the number of goals scored against the team. Singapore is ranked at 125, in case, anybody’s curious. And you can trust the FAM to create a backdoor (as in being one of the four hosts apart from Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam) to remain relevant in the footballing fraternity.

The last game to be played in K.L. for the Asian Cup fixtures is 25th July for one of the semi-final games.

So my question to the AFC supremo – WTF are you talking about lah! The EPL rocks ok! Nobody here wants to go Jakarta for the Asian Cup final, even if Malaysia gets there(yeah, right!).

Do you think Mohamed Hammam reads my blog?


Gee, I hope there’s a tv available, preferably turned on, at the BUM2007 function. So, LVC management and staff, kindly take note, puhleeez.