At the rate things are not happening in parliament, it’s more like coitus interruptus. Lots of gesticulations from the MPs with no finality or rather, the seed of wisdom wasted on ‘barren minds’.

Bernard Giluk Dompok has stepped down as chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Integrity (PSCI) when a recent meeting was not attended by the NRD officers to answer queries on the issuance of identity cards in Sabah. BGD cited “He would not be able to do justice to the tasks assigned to the committee by Parliament”.

Nazri Aziz ‘rubbed salt into the wound’ when he stated that BGD’s resignation was influenced by the opposition, duly rebutted by DAP’s LKS when he said “To be fair to Dompok, he never decides beforehand what the committee should do, always putting to the committee for decision by vote if necessary”.

In recent days, there were calls from the Council of Churches Malaysia (CCM) and Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) requesting the government to re-consider BGD’s resignation and/or re-instate him as chairman of PSCI.

AAB, in recent months, reiterated the urgency of improving the public delivery system by government agencies. If the NRD’s conduct is taken into account, it would appear that his urging for good governance, accountability and transparency within the civil service has fallen on deaf ears. Perhaps, the CS is waiting for the government’s announcement on pay rise before any action will be taken. Thereafter, who knows.

Personally, I find it absurd for a government agency to not attend a scheduled meeting with the PSCI, notwithstanding, the agency informing the PSCI that it could not for whatever reason. Who then sets the next date? PSCI or the government agency?

Perhaps, it’s time that All-Blogs goes to Parliament. Whaddaya say, folks? And let’s do this without the ‘urgings’ from a certain ‘drama queen or king’, shall we. There’s enough c.interruptus from that corridors of power housed within the dilapidated building up the hill.