A new society or grouping for Malaysian bloggers has been launched today on 24th of May ’07.

It’s called the P.A.B.S., short for the “People’s All-Blogs Society”.

Details are sketchy at the moment but it was mentioned that there will be a press release via Malaysiakini and other media outlets on further details.

Thus far, we do know this society will have TWO presidents i.e. Susan Loone and Ktemoc, who will lead the pro-tem committee set up two days ago. Presumably, there will be TWO deputy presidents as well.

They must be so excited on this move, so much so, they are willing to emulate AAB’s “Big Government” cabinet to impress interested participants from the blogging fraternity.

Oh well, I guess some people do know how to be appropriately ‘dramatic’ to stay in the limelight.

The truth is out there somewhere.