I wrote earlier in “Integrity Interrupted” about All-Blogs goes to Parliament.

Yeah, I know some of you thought that this was a hare-brained idea by a delusional (Pasquale) and newbie (as in infant – Elviza) blogger up to no-good who can’t decide whether to blog on the front page or in the comment section (Mat Salo).

Well, folks. Just imagine if it is possible to have a blogger, preferably one who is affiliated to All-Blogs because you will need certain credentials like being a member of an organisation registered with the ROS with your real name, photos and whatever, covering the proceedings when parliament is in session. Invariably, it will probably be someone who is a ‘sopo‘ blogger with apolitical, non-partisan (duh) views on political issues to provide us with ‘unblemished’ news reports direct from the corridors and halls of power.

We know the MSM journalists are answerable to their respective editor(s) who, in turn, are at the beck and call (mostly calls, I think) of their neighbourhood political master(s), therefore, having a blogger would be an excellent proposal for those who do not buy/read newspapers and/or watch/hear prime-time news on the boob-tube (no pun intended in any category, ok). It will be the ultimate alternative ‘unplugged’ news for netizens. For those with blackberry, PDAs, laptops (plus free wifi) and/or you’re with people who happen to have any of these gadgets, you need not be ‘un-informed’ on the go.

Let’s see. If we can get one blogger in to parliament, then we can have two, three and so forth in due course, when it becomes clear to the powers that be, how essentially important it is for them to provide bloggers with media accreditation and recognition as a bona fide information dissemination medium. In future, there’s the possibility of several bloggers, including ‘p-sopo‘ bloggers, covering an entire gamut of political issues i.e political lifestyles (including best/worst dressed), political mechanics (what’s their next car), political finance (who’s getting the next lucrative contract), political presence (was there but never said a word), political foresight (even with one eye closed), political double-speak ‘of the week’ (usually starts with “I never said that.”), etc.

We can dream on the possibilities, can’t we. Or we can make it happen.

matthew-lee-un-blogger.jpgSo who’s this bloke?

It sure ain’t me. And this posting ain’t no joke.

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Update: C’mon people, there’s another story on this post. Click on “So who’s this bloke?”. Thus far, only ten people read it during the past 36 hours. Please don’t ask me how I know. Cheers.