You know the face.

You know about the case too.

Now, you know that it’s postponed to the 18th of June ‘07.

With another two weeks to go, you must be wondering what else will turn up out of the court before we can get in the courtroom. Will 14 days be sufficient for the ‘newly’ assigned prosecutor to review the testimonies of more than 100 witnesses? Can the defense counsel for one of the accused be granted access to witnesses’ statements held by the prosecution. Should Karpal Singh butt out of this case?

There’s no doubt that the twists and turns this case is taking has everybody on tenterhooks, waiting with bated breath and for those with political conspiracies in their minds, a mind-numbing roller-coaster of anguish and euphoria.

Rocky said this while Jeff had this. Will they write more? Most definitely as and when the trial proceeds.

Me? No way, Jose. I’m not going to touch this case with a 10 foot aluminium pole. I have this aversion for subjudice material and wouldn’t want to be cited for contempt of court. Ending up being detained for 61 days is not my idea for an all-expense paid holiday, courtesy of the government.

Unlike someone else as mentioned here who courted the realm of public opinion as early as 20th November ‘06.

So what’s with the bold-lettered numbers. Take a guess?

P.S. Please be extra careful when you comment on this posting, will ya. For my sake and yours too.