Well, folks, get to know the face and get familiar with it.

Yeah, I’m referring to the person on the right.

Meet Jeanne (Danker) Abdullah, the bride-to-be to the other person on the left.

The akad nikah ceremony will be held at Sri Perdana on Saturday, 9th June ’07.

Let’s all wish the happy couple a long and bountiful marriage.

Let’s also hope that this is the golden opportunity for AAB to rejuvenate and re-start with a clean slate.

Hmmm…this wedding remind me of someone with a similar name.

Update: News ‘brown-out’ at Rocky’s. Cool poster at Mob1900.

Just curious…who’s paying for the wedding? The PM’s status is the highest public office in the country. Does AAB know what’s going on or the level-4 guys are up to their ‘shield the boss’ antics yet again? A certain royal personality declined state funds for his wedding recently. Will AAB do likewise?

And here’s another better photo of the smiling bride-to-be which I ‘pinched’ from Screenshots (thanks, Jeff and don’t sue me puhleez).