Forget about Zainuddin Maidin of the MOI going on world tours to find ideas on curtailing bloggers though there’s nary a peep out of him when bloggers, in particular RPK of MT, were absolutely right about the AAB/JDA relationship as early as February ’07.

Forget about Kamal Khalid of Level 4 doing his ‘brown outs’ which did not seem to deter our ‘friendly’ RDC.

Forget about Norza Mohamed Noor’s ‘booklet’ of which only 1000 copies were printed where he tried to redefine AAB in contrast to the legendary TDM. ‘A Voice’ recently posted an expose.

What the current administration need is a real hatchet man for the job of spinning, manipulating and obfuscating every single piece of information within the disseminating platforms available in this nation. They can call him a one-man demolition team capable of leaping over tall stories in a single bound, glib-talk faster than a hacker can click his mouse and have a skull denser than adamantium alloy metal.

Ideally, they might prefer Jason Bourne aka Matt Damon but apparently, he’s busy with part three ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’ plus I don’t think our government can afford his fee. Therefore, considering the tight budget after paying off the civil service pay-hikes recently to lull the masses into accepting the ‘quickie’ marriage, I guess they are left with scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Hence, they got Monsterball aka ‘the mild mannered(sic)’ SS Goh.

Well, folks, get to know the face and get familiar with it. (Could have sworn I wrote this somewhere recently).

When you least expect it, he’ll turn up at your blogsite and decide to have ‘your space’ as his playground for things such as this and this and this. You need to scroll down to read his vitriol and I hope you have a strong stomach for it. And trust me, there’s a lot more lying around the blogs. As much as we do not condone socially deviant characters in the off-line ‘real’ world, should we, bloggers, allow them to ‘troll’ the blogosphere in the misguided attempt of protecting free speech?

TDM was quoted recently in saying “Some people would cut your legs in order for them to look tall”. That sounds rather ominous and quite similar to the phrase “Making others look bad so that one may look good”.

There’s a rumour going around the blogging fraternity that SS Goh is a ‘mole’ planted by ‘the powers that be’ to sow discord and disunity through subtle and malicious means among bloggers. If you consider that he was kicked out of MT at the end of last year and started showing up in other blogs during January ’07 when the NSTP sued two prominent bloggers, it is, therefore, a probability that he was re-assigned for the same purpose of creating divisiveness and/or just plain dumbing down any blogsite. After all, he comes cheap. A box of cigars and some camphor-ball laced beer are his standard low fee to get him going gung-ho. Sure, it’s a rumour but we do know what rumours are like in this fine nation of ours.

Hang on……

*Honeybunch, did we get our security clearance yet?*

*No, Peaches.* (hey, don’t ask me who she is, ok. I ain’t telling).

Dang it. Sorry, folks, I can’t provide any further info on this bloke but I believe another blogger by the name of Simon Wee has the highlights of the lowdown.

Remember, “Sometimes, the fear of death is worse than death itself”. Monty’s Nemesis will say more on this in another episode.

Update: Simon Wee’s new posting here.

Final update: Latest posting from Simon Wee. Plus how it all started to go downhill here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here set in chronological order. Scroll down even further and you will find monsterball’s scribblings at the end as if to show the world he’s not banned from MT. RPK uses IP addresses to shut out unwanted nitwits coz it would be practically impossible to do so with ‘nicks’. And, of course, all one needs to do to become ‘unbanned’ is to use another IP address as in another internet access line.

Ok dokey. Cerita habis. Have a nice weekend, folks.

*Honeybunch, that GMT thingy got some people confused again? Wanna do something about it?*

*Nah, Peaches. Let it be as JL would say* (John Lennon lah, not Jennifer Lopez. And I still ain’t telling who Peaches is).