There was this Star news report on 23rd June ’07 titled ‘Pak Lah backs solar power use’.

I have always been intrigued with sustainable and renewable energy sources and solar power is one particular favorite. Why? Because the Sun represents a number of things to all of us. Life, sunshine, warmth, micro-bikinis, etc.

Anyway, here are some excerpts from AAB’s speech read out by Datuk Seri Effendi Norwawi:

Wawasan Suria, envisioned by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, will see greater use of renewable energy, such as solar power.

It is my vision to see Malaysian homes and offices equipped with solar roofs to generate this renewable energy and I call this vision Wawasan Suria.

The prime minister also challenged the developers to build the first solar-powered township in the country.

The government will select one or two developers to receive various incentives and a special rebate of more than RM3 million to build 70 units of BIPV(*) homes and create my dream of a sustainable community.

Don’t get me wrong on this issue of exploiting or harnessing solar power. To me, it’s a “sunrise industry” which is rather poignant to point out considering that the Sun plays a hugh part in it.

It’s just that, either AAB needs a better speech-writer or quit writing when he’s still in a ‘honeymoon’ mood. How many versions of ‘vision’ do you see? Sounds like the recent ‘Vision 2057’ thingy. And then, there was this ‘challenge’ put to developers and the odd rejoinder for ‘ incentives and special rebate’ which distinctly sounds like another ‘preferred company’ in the making.

Of course, the speech-reader also pointed out later at a press conference the RM25 billion energy subsidy in 2005 is impossible to sustain. Therefore, apart from moving forward, shouldn’t the government have a re-look at the agreements signed with the IPPs.

You can read the full report here.

Meanwhile, here’s a link for tech-minded and/or enterprising business persons:

Official info on Malaysian BIPV stuff.

(*) BIPV – Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic.