What is freedom? How do you quantify it? Is freedom essentially good for us?

There are different definitions of this precious commodity, in which from time immemorial, humanity have gained peace, development and harmony while upholding the prerequisites of freedom and inversely, wars and chaos prevail when it is shackled.

Freedom in Malaysia, in the U.S.A and in Palestine should be universally similar but the fact remains, it is not. The society in which we live in dictates the extent of how much freedom can be attained and nurtured further.

AAB gave an impassioned speech, supposedly ‘off the cuff’ and apparently more illuminating than his ’40 paragraph’ prepared text, at the Mass Media Conference 2007 held at the Palace Of Golden Horses on 28th June ’07.

He said, among other things:

(But) sometimes, they don’t take into account the general feelings of Malaysians, their concerns for continued peace and stability, and the value of (racial) harmony in the country.

Many people are now saying that Pak Lah appears to be quite tolerant at times, (so they say) let’s try and see what is his tolerance level.

Of course, this speech was made to members of the mass media, albeit the officially recognised print and electronic organisations, in a gathering put together by the Internal Security Ministry. Hence, we can surmise that it was an attempt to inform the media practitioners, whose primary function is to inform the general public, to ‘toe the line’. And by extension, because it was a ‘public’ function held at a five-star hotel, it is also a ‘speech’ meant for every single one of us.

AAB’s full speech can be found here. (I told you it was meant for us, didn’t I).

As a newsmaker himself and quite impossible not to be one because he is after all, our Prime Minister, AAB had also said in the past the following:

a) “Reveal all” in June ’06 with regard to the outstanding and unresolved Malaysia-RDC agreements after the ‘Scenic Bridge’ had to be canceled but the official media here chose to ‘disclose’ bits and pieces when the entire episode, including all correspondence, were already archived by RDC’s channel news asia and available for public reading. Heck, we still do not know who brought up the sand and air-space issues after 2002.

b) “My son’s businesses are all done overseas” in August ’06 during a TV3 ‘kopitiam’ session. We all know how that turned out a couple of weeks later.

c) “Rumours, all rumours. Don’t listen to rumours” in early 2007 on his relationship with his spouse.

Will AAB succeed in ‘tolerating’ our freedom to write and in turn, what to read, before the ultimate step to make diversity in thoughts conform to government propaganda? Tell me what you think, quickly, before that inherent right is taken from you.

Meanwhiles, here’s a scary scenario of what is already happening with youngsters.

*RDC – Still don’t know what this means? Read more OBE lah.