Meet Harry Lee Kuan Yew, the mentor minister of RDC since 1990, upon stepping down (did he really?) as prime minister after 31 years helming the PAP and government.

(Yesterday) he said,

“On one side PAS is trying to topple the prime minister but when UMNO leaders, particularly from Johor, are also doing the same, Singapore investors must seriously ask themselves when this attitude will change and whether they will welcome us in IDR”.

Bernama’s full text here.

Perhaps, AAB should have invited LKY instead of LHL to the durian-fest at Langkawi and the JMC would have been signed, sealed and ‘shoved down’ our collective throats while the IDR is presented on a silver platter to the RDC as a sign of our leaders’ gratitude for their FDIs.

Seriously, are we ‘broke’ as a nation and RDC is the only source for FDI or are our leaders simply too lazy to look farther afield to bring about ‘better’ investors for nation building?

I look forward to Wisma Putra’s response to this ‘here we go again’ political interference from the ‘tiny down under’ friendly country.

Or will we get more ‘elegant silence’ and perhaps, “I will write a personal letter” thingy.

Update: The Star has a ‘sanitized’ version of the same story here. Can’t find any coverage at the NST on-line but then, Riong Kali would not want to ‘rock the boat’ for his boss (Which one?). I guess the MSM must have considered the sentiments of the general public, and UMNO Johor in particular, as mentioned recently on “Tolerating freedom“.