If this photo below is the best that can be achieved by the opposition, then PKR is dead and buried. Before the next G.E. and the next, and the next……


Wanna drive through the barricades? And again, and again till you get it right?

Here’s the real Mccoy ‘swiped’ from T.C.s blog.

Man, this guy make bloggers look stupid.

Update: Pasquale, the NTR supporter, has another ‘fake’ photo (plus the original source at his blog) and he made no illusion of it being another ‘fake’. Perhaps, Pasquale was alluding to a better ‘fake’ choice than a fakish ‘fake’. That more realistic ‘fake’ photo is reproduced below for easy comparison to the above ‘fake’ photo published by T.C. For someone who has a ‘passion’ for art realism, T.C.’s explanation in his latest posting, using ‘The Last Supper‘ analogy was also done in bad taste. J.C. would be turning in heaven.