Two questions are being asked often lately.

1. When is the next election going to be held?

2. Who is the next blogger to be wrongfully detained?

I don’t have the answers to both questions because it’s not my place to begin with. Only the government of the day have the key to illuminate our ignorance.

Nevertheless, both are intrinsically intertwined i.e. in the run-up to any G.E., certain things will become apparently run-of-the-mill. Your local MP or adun will emerge from their self-contained cocooned comfort zone and start doing their ‘turun padang’ thingy. Your pot-holed roads get re-tarred overnight. Dengue-fogging are done once every fortnight. Posters of the PM, DPM, MBs and other prominent politicians are put up at toll booths (hey, they know you have to slow down to pay up and are just reminding you where your hard-earned cash is going). BN young turks start frothing in their mouth mouthing bad stuff about the opposition parties with promises of bringing 40k voters to their ‘new’ constituents. And blogger illegal detention is the new ace up their sleeve.

Nathaniel Tan is out free on police bail awaiting his case to be mentioned in court on 13th August ’07 under an OSA charge of possessing documents pertaining to the alleged Johari Baharum corruption investigation. Didn’t the ACA clear J.B. of any involvement recently and if so, what ‘other’ incriminating information has yet to uncovered, if any? Nat’s lap-top is still with the police and probably undergoing forensic ‘torturing’ to spill the beans. Fishing for evidence? I prefer Nat’s choice of words when he said “Googling for evidence” And what happens if evidence was ‘planted’ into his hard-disk. Will it be possible to check via the BIOS to ascertain the time-stamp when a file has been downloaded and archived? Any techies out there who can answer this? Anyway, I wish I could ‘google’ for the ‘hidden hand’ that created this mess in the first place.

Meanwhile, it will be prudent for bloggers to be responsible and maintain a sense of awareness on how their blogs are reaching out to the masses with their postings. Some will view this as self-regulating which it seems is anathema to freedom of speech and the blogosphere. I like to call it ‘preserving one’s self-esteem’ if you wish to be taken seriously and respected in return by your audience (including and especially the government). Case in point is the Hasrul Halid – E.S. Chua episode which hit us recently and somehow or rather, is about to reach its culmination shortly. Read here for the latest.

As in the above case with Nat, was there a ‘hidden hand’ involved with the HH/ESC dramatic ending. I ain’t telling but someone is gonna spill the beans soon. Tuuunnnggggguuuu!