Who would have thought that this is possible in Malaysia.

Raja Petra Kamarudin, of Malaysia-Today, of course.

And being aristocratically connected certainly has its up-side when you’re making a statement (sounds more like a speech to me) to the RMP apart from being privy to ‘inside’ information which makes a ‘net-portalier’ relevant to all Malaysians, controversy aside.

In case, you have not read ‘A comedy of Errors’, please go here.

When I mentioned “googling for evidence” in an earlier posting, little did I realise that the latest police report filed by MMT on RPK went the same way. Talk of being incompetent with technology and ineptness on procedures would be too kind to describe it.

But let’s be cruel to be kind, shall we. After all, its our collective being and future that’s at stake here.

Article 150 of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia specify that the Agung has the power to remove an official from public office subject to the provisions contained therein. This authority has been invoked only once in our history i.e. in 1969. In context, it was done ‘after the fact’ as a result of the racial riots on 13th May while RPK’s contention here is to preempt and contain the ‘mismanagement’ of the current administration.

Apart from the above, I believe there is the other provision in the Constitution which require the annual budget to re-tabled if its rejected by parliament, and upon a second rejection, the head of government has to seek a fresh mandate from the citizens of the country i.e. a general election.

Now, folks, let me ask you this “Why did AAB leave the country surreptitiously and did he have prior knowledge of RPK’s intention?”

Meanwhile, I wonder what it would be like to have a Raja Bugis as the premier. Between the option of having a ‘snoozer’ and another who will incessantly argue with himself because of his tendency to bring down the government, life will definitely be interesting with the latter. Just kidding, RPK and besides, MT will never be the same without you.