You know the phrase, right. One that’s often used by Aussies to greet one of their own or anybody else who happens to be down under.

Well, AAB’s back from there (again..?) and probably flew back in his new toy (the plane, the plane).

And he said this, “It is wrong for bloggers to go overboard, especially if they post slanderous articles against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and Islam on the website”.

Didn’t anybody in his administration advise him that it was comments left at RPK’s news portal that were deemed seditious and not the posting by RPK himself. The RMP at Dang Wangi were also focused on these comments during RPK’s short 8 hour visit on 24th July ’07. And who actually made these seditious comments? What were the other ulterior motives of the perpetrators, if not to incriminate the blog owner?

It is common knowledge to all bloggers and readers that there are 25 UMNO cyber-troopers who are paid a monthly salary of RM2750 to infiltrate Malaysian blogs, perhaps, concentrating on the more vociferous ones, with the purpose of providing counter-intelligence on behalf of UMNO. If these blokes were to engage and debate on issues brought up by bloggers, I suppose it would be par for the course. But we are talking about UMNO and therefore, engaging/debating is not part of their operations manual. Besides, intellectual discourse would probably be ‘against the grain’ for these numbskulls who are already ‘dumbed down’ by their superior ‘nitwits’. Being intelligent ain’t a smart thing to do when in the presence of UMNO bigwigs. Hence, when the big chief at the top of the pile ain’t exactly ‘the sharpest tool in the shed’, you can imagine the sharp descending I.Q. levels as you crawl down the UMNO heirachy.

Therefore, AAB said the above for only one reason. To appease the Agong because of RPK’s damning post on Article 150 of the Constitution.

And these seditious comments came from….? Get the picture, folks.

Here’s another recent scenario. Nat Tan was detained for allegedly having ‘OSA’ information when it was actually a comment pingback inserted into his posting that got him into trouble. Hence, the ‘googling for evidence’ exercise by the RMP for 5 days.

There’s no doubt in my mind that there are ‘simians’ up to no good in cyberspace and it ain’t us bloggers or their loyal readers.

Bloggers need to be extra vigilant and keep tabs on who’s posting what on their blogs. On WordPress, if you decide to moderate, link up to Gmail as it will provide you with the ‘extra’ information on your ‘suspect’ commentators and the related I.P. addresses. I’m not familiar with Blogspot, therefore, if there are those who have the tech know-how, please help.

In other words, let’s go hunting for cyber-troopers and nailed these ‘chimps’.

*Peaches, I need you to put on your thongs and be the honeypot for some ‘apes’ to turn up. Will ya do it for the nation’s sake? And I promise to make it worth your while coz Fedex just called to confirm the Fredericks thingy will be arriving soon. And there’s a pair of …hmm..cuffs in the package, dear.*