Raja(s) seems to be in f(l)avour in recent weeks.

I am referring, of course, to Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, the quintessential aristocrat who is making waves with his speeches and the ‘Scarlet Pimpernel of Bloggers’Raja Petra Kamarudin with his mind-blowing expose.

Thus far, RDN has not experienced any backlash from the ‘Other Side’ but RPK is literally swamped with intrigues i.e. a police report by MMT followed by an instantaneous 8 hour ‘grilling’ at the Dang Wangi IPD and the unexplainable episode with questionable purpose of the RMP ‘interviewing’ Mrs RPK. (Her polite but firm response to the RMP when saying “I refused to answer any question as the Syariah Law states I must first have permission from my husband to do so” must be the most ‘priceless’ statement in 2007 ever).

Now, KPMU, the bastion of anything and everything for UMNO, have published a damning article on RPK, accusing him of being a ‘christian’ while at the same time, alluding to the premise that being a ‘christian’ has negative character flaws. It is obvious that the posting was meant to disparage RPK in the light of recent events and without any doubt, done with political motives and direction. It was written with malicious intent targeting not only RPK but also his family members as well. Read the full KPMU article (you may have to scroll down and find part two under ‘Riwayat Raja Petra II’ -article no:129 for a continuation of the posting) here and RPK’s response here.

Sadly, the same article contain seditious remarks on Christianity which begs the question of impropriety on the writer’s diatribe, especially since it is published in an UMNO sponsored website. Suffice to say, I consider it totally immature, condescending and downright dangerous for KPMU to adopt this ‘holier than thou’ attitude which is typical of Umnoputra malays i.e. sifat dengki-mendengki dan kafir-mengkafir. I will not transliterate the meaning into English for the benefit of non-malay readers but try getting it from your malay friends and if you do not have one, I suggest, it’s about time you do.

Furthermore, it was KJ who said recently that bloggers are not above the law when publishing their articles. What has he to say regarding KPMU’s posting which ostensibly, reflects UMNO’s hidden agenda. Are there laws in Malaysia which protect UMNO’s sanctity to freedom of speech?

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we. What do KJ and KPMU have to say on the photo shown :-


And last but not least, will KJ and KPMU please provide any information they have with regard to the intimidating SMS sent via 016-3929760 signed by ‘Hamba Allah’ and received by Datuk Ruhanie Ahmad in which it was stated “Bloggers will be put to sleep”. It’s the islamic thing to do unless AAB’s Hadhari and/or the Umnoputra melayu code of ethics somehow forbids such a gesture of goodwill to another fellow muslim. The background story at Gerbang Ruhanie, here and here..