That’s when Pablo Picasso went through his ‘Blue period’.

O.B.E.’s ‘no postings’ of socio-political crap will end on 26th August ’07 i.e. right after the BMM gathering and the launching of Bloghouse.

No, I’m not in trouble or that my girlfriend got pregnant (*) or my cats died (Actually they did. Like a couple of years ago. Never had the heart to replace them).

Hanging back, looking at current issues from afar while sprinkling comments here and there seems the only sane thing to do.

So enjoy the ‘Old Guitarist’ and in case if you’re wondering, it bears no resemblance to how I look.

P.S. I would have preferred to put up the artworks of Milo Manara or Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri but that would have been too racy. Oh well, another time then. But I know some of you guyz will be googling these names, pronto. Have fun, yea!

(*Peaches, you didn’t, did you?)