The word is out on how Malaysians can symbolically show their patriotism to this nation.

RPK is now asking loyal citizens to fly the Malaysian flag adorned with the Royal Colours as shown above. For the background story, read here.

It is an effort to ‘inform’ the current AAB administration, albeit, in a civil manner, that citizenry disobedience does not have to resort through a violent revolution for the right changes to be made. It is, in fact, a measure of how far, we, the citizens, have matured in the last 50 years since Independence.

It is a message calling for good governance, accountability, transparency and social justice to be delivered by the government of the day.

I presume that there will be others putting forth several variations of this idea i.e. yellow ribbons, car stickers, badges, buttons, etc but the message is clear.

Enough is enough. Make the right changes in government or this government will be voted out of office.