For Malaysia’s golden anniversary, the UMNO-led BN government have apparently decided to let this bloke hoist the Jalur Gemilang at the stroke of midnite to re-enact the deed done 50 years ago by an UMNO Youth member.

When I saw the article in Star (read here), a multitude of thoughts went through my head, most of which are unpublishable here for obvious reasons. For him to raise the Malaysian flag on such an auspicious moment is to dishonour those who have fallen in defense of this nation and also for others who have remained unsung. KJ’s rise into prominence in Malaysian politics, albeit through the ‘carefully laid red-carpet’ of a no-contest election, is tainted with dubious business dealings which have yet to be justifiably accounted for. For an unemployed individual driving a Ferrari, is this the image of someone this nation wish to project to the world? And being the son-in-law of AAB puts the salt into the rub.

Why couldn’t they get the children from the person (who is not named in the Star article) who hoisted the JG back in 1957 to do the honours or any from the family of real heroes who died for Malaysia. How about somebody from the family of the two uniformed personnel who perished when trying to apprehend the Al-Maunah terrorists? Members from Lt Adnan’s legacy? I can go on and on with choices which are inherently more suitable than KJ.

Sickeningly, it gets even ‘better’ for this bloke. He’s also to deliver the Declaration of Independence to VIPs later in the day.

Thank you AAB for making this Merdeka Day a day to remember. For all the wrong reasons.