Timeline: 72 days since her abduction and 46 days since her brutalised, lifeless body was found.

Has this case gone chillingly cold that the RMP are at a loss to pursue the matter further? For every single day added to the tally above, there is a sexual predator out there who did this to Nurin, still breathing and scheming on the next victim.

Nurin Alert, initiated by bloggers, is in the works and will garner support from a variety of relevant participants, be it government agencies as well as NGOs. Hopefully, it will be launched soon.

Meanwhile, I’d like to ask the RMP a specific question.

What happened to the investigation on the ‘leaked’ post-mortem photos which got on the internet and which, to my mind, can only originate from certain ‘authorised personnel’? If the ‘bad cops’ can’t handle it, what are the ‘good cops’ doing?

Nurin still matters to some of us. Yushaimi Yahaya wrote likewise.

Update: 3rd November – The IGP announced that the individual responsible for distributing the autopsy photos has been identified and will be charged in court soon. Read Bernama’s report here., Details are sketchy, so I guess we’d have to await further news. The keyword to note here is ‘distributing‘ as opposed to the more definitive ‘who had access to the photos and leaked it‘ which I had in mind.

More: The above was at 2.00am. This is at 4.00pm. The NST carried the story (here) which highlighted the culprits (yes, there’s apparently more than one person involved) who had ‘leaked’ the photos could possibly be police personnel. The Star’s report (here) seems to refer to the person who uploaded the photos on to the Net. Amazing ain’t it as to how an IGP’s statement gets interpreted differently by three MSM agencies. And we bloggers get the rap for mis-reporting and/or distorting the news.

Suffice to say, it is ‘the sum of all news, read by the discerning eye, which will reveal the facts’.

Now, it is up to Nurin’s dad, if he so wishes, to pursue this matter further with the authorities and seek remedy, be it compensatory or, perhaps, an obligatory public apology.