Remember this word, folks.

You may see it every Saturday or everyday, for that matter, until the next G.E. It could be on a cap, a t-shirt, a bike-sticker, a poster on a wall, a tiny flag planted in front of a police station and perhaps, a bumper sticker stuck surreptitiously on a BN politician’s limousine.

It will be the clarion call for change in this nation.

It will signify the beginning of civil society’s resolve to restore democracy, good governance and justice for all in this nation.

Initially, I wanted to use “Oops, I did it again” as a headline for this posting because I’ve done the ‘Penguin Walk’ on 26th September ’07 but it would have sounded rather like B.S. (Britney Spears lah, not bullshitting, ok) and considering 50,000 Malaysians of every race, color and creed participated, I reckoned something a little more appropriate would do justice to their effort.

The MSM tried to downplay this historic day by reporting an insignificant 4,000 took part in the peaceful assembly and I presume they got confused with the announcement from the authorities that the same number of police personnel were deployed to maintain public order. Can’t blame em, eh folks.

Roadblocks were set up several kilometers from Dataran Merdeka. Were the authorities worried that the targeted 100,000 who may turn up, might actually will? Or this was deliberately done so as to inconvenience the general populace, thereby, shifting the blame for the inevitable massive traffic jams onto the 10-Eleven walkers?

Personally, I found that the police and FRU were generally, exceedingly ‘subdued’ in their operations despite the fact that some ‘demonstrators’ were sprayed, gassed and arrested at Masjid Jamek. Besides, the cops do need to fill the ‘arrest quota’ to show their big bosses, don’t they. Still, it’s important to note that nobody got shot at which also indicated that the call for a non-intervening (or non-provocative) stance was adopted by both sides. And perhaps, it’s also true that the RMP were divided into factions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ cops, hence, creating a stalemate amongst themselves, to allow the assembly to proceed towards the Istana Negara without any hindrance from the enforcement personnel. At one point, as we got nearer to the Istana, a traffic cop showed us (Ancient Mariner and I) the finger i.e. pointing towards a shorter way up the road, rather than following the Bersih assigned direction. We nodded and smiled back knowingly to him.

Last but not least, I’d like to say to ‘Justice’ who commented here, hoping that the FRU will break my homo legs, I got home safely at about 11pm, transported and escorted by three young ladies. And they asked for my phone number. So if I’m interested, the journey’s half done, ain’t it. I can’t ask for a better ending to an otherwise historical day.

P.S. To those who are interested, 10-Eleven was coined by this anonymous person here at 1.36pm

Update: Check out this guy who got B.E.L. (behind enemy lines). Some of his photos were definitely up close and personal, including a rather hilarious one with the caption “Okay, okay, I’m going”. See if you can find it here.

Meanwhile, AI, PKR’s defacto president is up to his naughty tricks yet again as posted here. Lembu punya susu, sapi pun mahu kebas ka?

Thanks to Bakaq of Malaysiakita for providing the inspiration on the updated links.