Munira Mustaffa has meticulously put together her article on Nurin at Jasni AJ’s.

Meanwhile, Tell magazine (double spread cover above), have released their Nov-Dec’07 issue with Nurin as the cover story. Go get one for a good read, or two and give the extra copy to a relative or friend.

CFNA – Citizens For Nurin Alert is in the making, therefore, please keep track of developments at

Last but not least,

“Mr IGP, please tell us what happened to the suspect(s) involved in leaking the post mortem photos of Nurin. It has been 23 days since you announced that the RMP were able to identify the person(s) and you further stated that the person(s) will be charged in court as soon as possible.

But it’s been 23 days, Mr IGP.

Justice must be crawling around on its knees in such trouble times, I know, Sir.

You have had to attend to two ‘illegal’ assemblies, the investigation into the Lingamgate video have now deteriorated into checking of unsound minds, the opposition parties are now popping up in different guises and colours, and there’s a distinct rumour of an impending GE.

And with Justice being blind, so to speak, I’d agree with you, Mr IGP, you too can’t bear to see the burden it’s carrying. Perhaps, Sir, a little less rot will help Justice to its feet.

Until then, could you look into the tiny matter of the photos. You did make a promise, didn’t you, Mr IGP. Because I sincerely believe that our PM who has the propensity to renege on promises does not expect the same of you, Sir.

Thank you very much for your time, Mr IGP. Yes, I know you’re a busy person and I too, have to go and organise the next rally…ahem..get dinner for the Mrs.

Tata, Sir.”