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Here are some short takes (more like potshots) at what happened, sometimes bemusing and often enough, mind boggling to most of us, in this colorful potpourri nation called Malaysia.

In no order of preference, importance and absolutely random out-pouring of my fickle-minded state of brain-matter:-

1) The future’s so bright, the famous SIL hadda raise the flag on Merdeka Day for the nation’s 50th anniversary and if we allow it, he’ll do it again in six years in East Malaysia. Once is enough, me thinks.

2) Housekeepers come and go. The lucky ones got married and kept the house. And the landlord.

3) Correct, correct, correct. No, you blithering idiot. It’s still wrong.

4) The plane, the plane…which the PM bought.. and we paid for it.

5) Be afraid, be very afraid. Your spouse may convert and take the kids away. And he or she is not coming back.

6) The Penguin walked. And the defacto minister of law ..squawked like a bald-headed, one-eyed pirate’s parrot.

7) The Germans came, they saw and left.

8) When the saints come marching in… the sinners bore arms and much more.

9) The Arabs came, they saw and stayed. Some did leave, didn’t they? With petty cash in their pockets.

10) The UMNO AGM happened again. Yeah, right! It’s an annual affair. But without the krissy thingy, what actually happened.

11) Oil price hikes. Wish someone would take a hike instead.

12) The KLSE got flooded with hot money. And the locals were left out in the cold and wet.

13) The PM is loathed to be challenged. Who the heck wants to confront a pipsqueak without looking foolish.

14) RDC’s sinking…their teeth into our land. And one tennis-court sized island.

15) You can call yourself anything you wish but it’s still the same at the NRD.

16) Beware the mutants. And it’s genitally neutered. Yer can’t plant them seeds and make em grow.

17) Bukit Tinggi is rumbling. Cheap bungalow lots with lotsa space for sale. Wondering if this is a new-fangled way to wrangle ownership using government utilities.

18) It’s on, it’s off. Then, on again. Well, whaddaya expect? They amended the Constitution in much the same way.

19) Our man on the moon. Well, almost. RM80 million only gets you to have a closer look. That’s all.

20) Building bridges and breaking em is the way to keep the faithful confused.

21) Blogging can be fun. It gets funnier when you end up at Kahmoonteeng for an alternate reality check.

22) The NPC has an intimidating ambience. It only gets friendlier when the SBs turn up.

23) Long distance relationships sucks big time. I want my Peaches here and now.

24) Now, everybody can fly say the ‘A’ word. Need a clue? It’s not a four lettered word.

25) My ‘G.E. Options’ draft posting was prematurely ejaculated from the hard-drive. Gotta go and find it, and put up a proper posting. Hope you had fun reading this as I did writing it.

To those similarly inclined, HAPPY NEW YEAR. Otherwise, go read this politically correct version here.



Taken from Sun2Surf. Read full article here.

Bar Council chairperson, Anbiga Sreenevasan, was quoted as saying “The terms of reference may appear at first blush to be narrow, but when properly construed, gives sufficient latitude for the commission to conduct a thorough inquiry. This is like trying to understand Greek mythology written in swahili. And ‘first blush’ sounds so absolutely naughty-ish to me.

DAP’s numero uno, LKS, was apparently disappointed with the appointment of HMN as the RCI chairman in light of the 1988 Tun Salleh Abbas episode plus the restricted terms of reference. Yeah, right. Forget history and you’ll have an old foggy incessantly reminding us on the details. But he’s right about the T.o.R. which should set some guidelines for future references, in case, history repeats itself.

And the official name for this RCI? Well, it’s the “Commission of Enquiry of the video clip recording of images of a person purported to be an advocate and solicitor speaking on the telephone on matters regarding the appointment of Judges“. No kidding, folks. And if I was to apply an acronym, it becomes C.o.E.o.t.v.c.r.o.i..o.a.p.p.t.b.a.a.a.s.s.o.t.t.o.m.r.t.a.o.J.” Do you see ‘ass’ in there somewhere? Hey, MRT is famously mentioned too.

I’m also wondering if the AAB administration will make public the three independent reports submitted by the 3-man panel which was set up earlier in September ’07 as he promised (or was it his deputy coz I vaguely recalled somebody was at the UN, trying to avoid the Penguins).

Seriously, folks. Have a read on what Shad Saleem Faruqi have to say regarding Royal Commissions (here) to gauge the ‘latitude’ and ‘depth’ required for the truth to prevail. Particularly on the contentious matter of witness protection, and a witness’s immunity from civil and criminal proceedings thereafter. SSF’s conclusion in his column “Desirable rules often lead to undesirable results” may yet be prophetic for a scoundrel to remain out of court for the wrong reasons. Confusing, ain’t it?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (to quote a phrase often used by the Ancient Mariner), does anybody have any idea whether the various police reports made by the ‘purported’ brother of the purported advocate and solicitor shown in the ‘yet to be authenticated’ video clip will have any significance to the RCI? Time to call WCK , I guess.


Full name and titles:

Tan Sri Dato Seri Hj Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman.



The Federal Constitution has been amended.

Article 114 has been amended to allow the EC chairman to continue serving the BN government, not the citizens of Malaysia, for another year beyond the previous mandatory retirement age of 65.

Parliament voted 189 (86% – comprising of BN MPs plus one independent) in favor of the bill with no dissenting votes because all 16 of the opposition members present at that ivory tower on the hill walked out in protest. Read Sun’s report here. Plus more here on other relevant events of the day.

If you think people getting arrested on the streets is bad enough, now it’s done at the steps of parliament too.

So there you go, folks. The AAB administration will can change the Federal Constitution to suit its agenda, the purpose of which, only time will reveal.

Hmmmmm… Perhaps when politicians and/or high ranking civil servants and/or affiliated cronies and/or whatever start having the KSM title, then there’s no further need to amend the Constitution on retirement age. You know lah, what I mean about KSM i.e. Kerja Sampai Mati. Somebody should set up shop in parliament calling it ‘Tongkats R Us’ which should be self-explanatory.

Update: 12th December ’07. Wah! Rocky thinks we should take the EC chairman to court. Sounds like a plan, eh folks. Hang on, wait a minute, isn’t the judiciary rotten too and getting more ominously so with the latest appointment of ZA as the PCA. And the RCI is still in the works i.e. we don’t know the terms of reference nor who will be sitting on the panel despite an announcement made two weeks ago. Looks like the government have got all the corridors covered.

Go here for a transcript of the Bersih memorandum.


Wanna help orphans and underprivileged children?

Then, go attend the above-mentioned Budimas event on 18th & 19th December ’07 to be held at the lobby of Menara MAA, no:12 Jalan Dewan Bahasa, Kuala Lumpur.

For more details, please go to Walski’s.

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