Can anybody tell me what the AAB administration did today to commemorate the UN Human Rights Day in the form of an official function organised, sponsored and/or supported by the government?

Mono-ethnic events don’t count. Tough one, eh folks.

Need a clue? Well, I believe this kinda swoop don’t count either.

Makes it hard for us to think that we’re living in the new millennium and still having to deal with dark age, draconian laws gathering ‘guilty’ innocents into our jails and courts by our hearing-impaired PM and benevolently-challenged politicians.

Let’s look on the bright side. At least they’re setting the benchmarks stool-marks of whom we’re not voting in the next GE.

Lastly, there’s a full text of AAB’s speech given at the Khazanah Global Lecture series, lying around somewhere on-line, in which he..errr.. lectured on the significance of public safety over-riding public freedom plus one term is not enough…yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda, ok, I know…who cares, right.

Update: 11th December ’07. Neil, commentator par excellence, who resides at Screenshots had quite a mouthful on AAB’s second term ‘wet-dream’. To quote Neil partially, “A govt that kids itself that it is doing the right thing, starts to kid itself that (when it says?*) it cannot do the wrong thing“. Read it in full here. Especially, the part on gerrymandering. *Thought it might sound better if it’s added.