Full name and titles:

Tan Sri Dato Seri Hj Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman.



The Federal Constitution has been amended.

Article 114 has been amended to allow the EC chairman to continue serving the BN government, not the citizens of Malaysia, for another year beyond the previous mandatory retirement age of 65.

Parliament voted 189 (86% – comprising of BN MPs plus one independent) in favor of the bill with no dissenting votes because all 16 of the opposition members present at that ivory tower on the hill walked out in protest. Read Sun’s report here. Plus more here on other relevant events of the day.

If you think people getting arrested on the streets is bad enough, now it’s done at the steps of parliament too.

So there you go, folks. The AAB administration will can change the Federal Constitution to suit its agenda, the purpose of which, only time will reveal.

Hmmmmm… Perhaps when politicians and/or high ranking civil servants and/or affiliated cronies and/or whatever start having the KSM title, then there’s no further need to amend the Constitution on retirement age. You know lah, what I mean about KSM i.e. Kerja Sampai Mati. Somebody should set up shop in parliament calling it ‘Tongkats R Us’ which should be self-explanatory.

Update: 12th December ’07. Wah! Rocky thinks we should take the EC chairman to court. Sounds like a plan, eh folks. Hang on, wait a minute, isn’t the judiciary rotten too and getting more ominously so with the latest appointment of ZA as the PCA. And the RCI is still in the works i.e. we don’t know the terms of reference nor who will be sitting on the panel despite an announcement made two weeks ago. Looks like the government have got all the corridors covered.

Go here for a transcript of the Bersih memorandum.