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Bar Council chairperson, Anbiga Sreenevasan, was quoted as saying “The terms of reference may appear at first blush to be narrow, but when properly construed, gives sufficient latitude for the commission to conduct a thorough inquiry. This is like trying to understand Greek mythology written in swahili. And ‘first blush’ sounds so absolutely naughty-ish to me.

DAP’s numero uno, LKS, was apparently disappointed with the appointment of HMN as the RCI chairman in light of the 1988 Tun Salleh Abbas episode plus the restricted terms of reference. Yeah, right. Forget history and you’ll have an old foggy incessantly reminding us on the details. But he’s right about the T.o.R. which should set some guidelines for future references, in case, history repeats itself.

And the official name for this RCI? Well, it’s the “Commission of Enquiry of the video clip recording of images of a person purported to be an advocate and solicitor speaking on the telephone on matters regarding the appointment of Judges“. No kidding, folks. And if I was to apply an acronym, it becomes C.o.E.o.t.v.c.r.o.i..o.a.p.p.t.b.a.a.a.s.s.o.t.t.o.m.r.t.a.o.J.” Do you see ‘ass’ in there somewhere? Hey, MRT is famously mentioned too.

I’m also wondering if the AAB administration will make public the three independent reports submitted by the 3-man panel which was set up earlier in September ’07 as he promised (or was it his deputy coz I vaguely recalled somebody was at the UN, trying to avoid the Penguins).

Seriously, folks. Have a read on what Shad Saleem Faruqi have to say regarding Royal Commissions (here) to gauge the ‘latitude’ and ‘depth’ required for the truth to prevail. Particularly on the contentious matter of witness protection, and a witness’s immunity from civil and criminal proceedings thereafter. SSF’s conclusion in his column “Desirable rules often lead to undesirable results” may yet be prophetic for a scoundrel to remain out of court for the wrong reasons. Confusing, ain’t it?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (to quote a phrase often used by the Ancient Mariner), does anybody have any idea whether the various police reports made by the ‘purported’ brother of the purported advocate and solicitor shown in the ‘yet to be authenticated’ video clip will have any significance to the RCI? Time to call WCK , I guess.