Here are some short takes (more like potshots) at what happened, sometimes bemusing and often enough, mind boggling to most of us, in this colorful potpourri nation called Malaysia.

In no order of preference, importance and absolutely random out-pouring of my fickle-minded state of brain-matter:-

1) The future’s so bright, the famous SIL hadda raise the flag on Merdeka Day for the nation’s 50th anniversary and if we allow it, he’ll do it again in six years in East Malaysia. Once is enough, me thinks.

2) Housekeepers come and go. The lucky ones got married and kept the house. And the landlord.

3) Correct, correct, correct. No, you blithering idiot. It’s still wrong.

4) The plane, the plane…which the PM bought.. and we paid for it.

5) Be afraid, be very afraid. Your spouse may convert and take the kids away. And he or she is not coming back.

6) The Penguin walked. And the defacto minister of law ..squawked like a bald-headed, one-eyed pirate’s parrot.

7) The Germans came, they saw and left.

8) When the saints come marching in… the sinners bore arms and much more.

9) The Arabs came, they saw and stayed. Some did leave, didn’t they? With petty cash in their pockets.

10) The UMNO AGM happened again. Yeah, right! It’s an annual affair. But without the krissy thingy, what actually happened.

11) Oil price hikes. Wish someone would take a hike instead.

12) The KLSE got flooded with hot money. And the locals were left out in the cold and wet.

13) The PM is loathed to be challenged. Who the heck wants to confront a pipsqueak without looking foolish.

14) RDC’s sinking…their teeth into our land. And one tennis-court sized island.

15) You can call yourself anything you wish but it’s still the same at the NRD.

16) Beware the mutants. And it’s genitally neutered. Yer can’t plant them seeds and make em grow.

17) Bukit Tinggi is rumbling. Cheap bungalow lots with lotsa space for sale. Wondering if this is a new-fangled way to wrangle ownership using government utilities.

18) It’s on, it’s off. Then, on again. Well, whaddaya expect? They amended the Constitution in much the same way.

19) Our man on the moon. Well, almost. RM80 million only gets you to have a closer look. That’s all.

20) Building bridges and breaking em is the way to keep the faithful confused.

21) Blogging can be fun. It gets funnier when you end up at Kahmoonteeng for an alternate reality check.

22) The NPC has an intimidating ambience. It only gets friendlier when the SBs turn up.

23) Long distance relationships sucks big time. I want my Peaches here and now.

24) Now, everybody can fly say the ‘A’ word. Need a clue? It’s not a four lettered word.

25) My ‘G.E. Options’ draft posting was prematurely ejaculated from the hard-drive. Gotta go and find it, and put up a proper posting. Hope you had fun reading this as I did writing it.

To those similarly inclined, HAPPY NEW YEAR. Otherwise, go read this politically correct version here.