Loosely translated – Congress without law.

Further loosely translated – Unlawful fornication.

Layman’s version – Illegal f**king.

So the bloke got caught on camera, inna hotel, doing the wild thang with a SYT and within 48 hours when free DVDs were distributed on his ( how come it’s always the man’s fault? ) sexual indiscretion, held a PC to admit his guilt. Gotta give this congressor (sic) some credit for biting the bullet and coming clean so soon after the expose.

The RMP are running helter skelter looking for the ‘idiots’ who gave away these DVDs F.O.C., citing section 292 about possessing and/or distributing pornographic materials ( which can euphemistically mean there ain’t no royalty paid ).

Meanwhile, wifey has ‘forgiven’ this 61 year young bloke, going 62 by 2nd January ’08 ( and probably, excited with the prospects of milking him dry ).

Question is, should ordinary, decent citizens ‘forgive and forget’? If we are to be liberal in thought and deed when dealing with less than perfect politicians, the same cannot be said for the powers that be with regard to civil society’s quest for freer constitutionally-sanctioned endeavors. It is ironical to expect Malaysians to be law abiding voters, to choose representatives who will in turn govern the nation and then, have politicians who have no qualms in betraying their own family’s trust. We shall, for now, watch how the AAB administration will handle this moral issue. The choice for better governance is in our hands, soon enough.

Lastly, since the RMP are famously renowned in quoting which sections of the law are applicable when dealing with law-breakers, I wonder which section is relevant to ‘foot-dragging‘ on investigations. Care to comment, Mr IGP? You do know the identity of the perp who 292-ed the post mortem pics, don’t you?