AAB doing what he does best.

Being in the midst of winners.

CSL has resigned as MOH minister and from all MCA party positions due to the sex scandal.

Getting photographed with CSL under the circumstances would be anathema to AAB’s image of a democratically elected leader who advocates Islam Hadhari.

My advice to other ministers and leaders is to take care of themselves. The rakyat not only want us to carry out our responsibilities well and with honesty, they also want their leaders to be individuals of good moral standing” he said at a press conference. Read full story here.

There you go … the ubiquitous sermonising by AAB. Another trademark trait from the elegant man himself. Doesn’t require too much effort to puerilely put forth these moral facts, does it?

At the same PC when asked if the DVD was made to ‘kill’ CSL’s political career, AAB said such an assumption should not be made. Duh! CSL quit, for heaven’s sake. How much more ‘deader’ can one’s political advancement be thereafter.

And life goes on with our no: 1 civil servant. Still holding on to the remote control, running on empty.