Courtesy of Walski.

How did you think we came up with P.F.T. for Paper Free Tuesday.

Well, folks. T’was a moment of utter brilliance or complete buffoonery by the committee members during one of our meetings, neither of which is apparent on hindsight by any one of us, hence, no one wishes to take credit for it. Serious. Awww, ain’t that just swell for a bunch of racially diversified people getting together, working pro bono, like-minded in some ways, highly opinionated when trashing out the details which led to quite a lot of ‘pfftth’ being silently muttered. Of course it wasn’t meant for the company present at the time but for the MSM. Serious.

Anywayz, stage one is over and done with, and here’s some pics on the press conference on Monday the 28th,

in the presence of some MSM representatives (Star and Sun) which I thought was rather hilarious since we’re announcing a boycott initiative on MSM prints. We made it easier for them to face their editors later in the day by sms-ing their bosses directly during the PC, just to show that we’re actually quite a friendly bunch with no bad intentions.

Meanwhile, do you see the ubiquitous yellow t-shirts which most of us were wearing? The front and back are shown below:



Each t-shirt will set you back RM17.50 inclusive of registered mail delivery and you need to pay this guy (yeah, it’s the lawyer who gets the money) here:


CIMB a/c no: 1456-0001231-52-5

Thereafter, send an e-mail to <; attaching a copy of your deposit slip (scanned/phone-camed/digi-camed/whatever-camed) complete with your full name, address (home or office, whichever is convenient for you bearing in mind that you have to acknowledge receipt) and we’ll do the rest i.e. fulfill your order lah. And if you’re tech-challenged, there’s always the good old fashioned fax machine at 09-2227332. Sizes available – S/M/L/XL/XXXL. Sorry Bigdog, yer still need to slim down some more.

So is there a stage two to all this? Sure. As soon as you buy the t-shirts.