On 28th May 2007, I wrote about getting a blogger in parliament.

Fast forward approximately nine months of pregnant anticipation, we got Jeff Ooi winning the Jelutong parliamentary constituency in Penang who will play an integral part in the new state administration.

Lest you might think that this is a posting on J.O., it is not. He needs no introduction nor sucking up from me. We do know each other on a personal level and contrary to certain perceptions of his on-line persona, I found him to be down to earth and actually, affable too. Furthermore, J.O. ain’t the only blogger to get elected and I am specifically referring to true blue citizen journalists who took up the challenge of running for office.

Therefore, let me ask you this simple question – Who the heck are bloggers anywayz?

The BN administration, through the neutered MSM, have labeled bloggers as a bunch of unemployed miscreants who are up to no good. Malaysia’s blogging fraternity arguably had its roots from the likes of RPK during the ’98 reformasi era and have grown since. The NSTP’s suit on Rocky and Jeff in January ’07 galvanized the entire community of bloggers and readers, so much so, the wired netizens began to morph into a potent force as an alternative media source for unblemished news . It acquired more credibility in terabyte leaps and bounds, unwittingly helped by the goofs and gaffes of the government controlled MSM.

Meanwhile, during the past year, other blogging personalities have stepped forward. One was uniquely prominent and instrumental in seamlessly bridging virtuality with the real world by creating an entity called the Barisan Rakyat which had its humble beginning with the People’s Declaration. Haris Ibrahim of The People’s Parliament. Some of us who know him well enough have nicknamed him the ‘wild man of the legal fraternity’. Am just glad he didn’t decide to run for office in the recent GE coz I don’t think the BN MPs will turn up for debates in parliament if he was present.

Another simple question – Did the blogging community have a major role in influencing public opinion which resulted in the worst BN loss in 50 (44?) years since independence?

I believe the answer lies within all of us who voted to take the job of implementing good governance away from political little napoleans and entrusted it to those who we feel are trustworthy. Bloggers, by themselves, will not be able to affect the right changes without the loyal support of their readership which, therefore means, it is our collective responsibility to inform others who may not be aware. And there are many more who need to be enlightened, including one in particular.

So who’s gonna tell AAB to step down? Wahlauweh! This fella oredi not connected and some more totally unplugged. So how?