Kurt Westergaard, the Danish cartoonist who doodled the ‘bomb in the turban’ caricature, did another for the benefit of Geert Wilders, the maker of Fitna.

Perhaps, KW was annoyed with GW because the latter did not get his (KW) permission to use it in Fitna.

Who knows? Freedom of expression and speech have reached dizzying heights over there in the West that its kinda hard to keep up.

There’s so much freedom there, I presume it was also acceptable for GW to use copyrighted footage from Dutch director Rob Muntz’s interview with Theo van Gogh, the filmmaker who was later murdered by Mohammed Bouyeri, again without permission.

To top it all up, Salah Edin, a rapper in Holland, was featured in Fitna as representing Mohammed Bouyeri. Wanna know the difference? Have a look –

The real Mohammed B.

For GW to present a 16 minute 48 second video which supposedly carries a profound message on Islam, he’s certainly skating on credible content and attribution. And it seems a Scarlet Pimpernel (i.e. person unknown) helped GW to write, edit and direct Fitna.

Not to worry though. GW’s doing a sequel or remake of Fitna.

Will it then re-ignite the fury of the muslims? Heck, no I guess.

Who wants to hang around a goofy with a whoopsie.

Now, will somebody bring down the alert level to Defcon zero and get Mydin to go green or whatever.

“Nothing scares me as much as when extremists who hate each other, get together for a common cause” -Anon.