Starpix 8th April ’08.

The new MOT minister, OTK, plans to come clean on the PKFZ project for the sake of transparency and accountability, and apparently to keep the rakyat appraised on where our tax ringgit went in this ‘bail out’.

Full Star report here.

Interesting, ain’t it. The Pakatan Rakyat led Selangor state government mooted the idea of taking over this project from the Federal government recently and whaddaya know, the BN administration makes a counter-move with this announcement.

The short-lived PAC inquiry into this debacle during the 4th quarter of 2007 ended without any conclusive results.

The Attorney-General who was supposed to present his statement then, possibly including the various recommended quantum to be paid for the land acquisition (ranging from RM10.16 to RM21.00 psf) which is lower than the final price (RM25.00 psf), did not materialise. Will OTK’s disclosure include this important aspect? For perspective, the UMNO-linked Kuala Dimensi obtained the 997.27 acres from a fishermen’s cooperative for RM0.86 psf in the 90s.

Furthermore, will it also have any reference to the Auditor-General’s annual reports beginning from 2003 when it was announced that the PKA (Port Klang Authority) was financially insolvent? AAB, at that time, was already pushing on PFI (private funding initiative) and promised no government bail-outs will be given for any failed projects by the private sector.

I am more interested if OTK’s report will include copies of the MOT letters issued to financial institutions which clearly exceeded the RM100 million ceiling set by the MOF.

So what actually do we have here?

With PR’s intention to take over the PKFZ, a lot of dirt will be uncovered when due diligence is carried out. BN’s federal government will reject PR’s request eventually and OTK has been tasked to lay down the reasons for it. LLS have stepped down. CSL was humped out. How many more MCA politicians will be sacrificed for the sake of not revealing the umnoputras’ CBT deception and scamming orgy?

As they say, a vote for BN is a vote for UMNO and post GE12, the status quo remain.

Forget about it, OTK. Lurve the hands on the plunger though. Done for dramatic effect, eh.

Only an RCI will unearth this can of worms.

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*I wonder when that ‘scariest investigative reporter’ from a local MSM will come forward with the purported evidence in hand*