Been meaning to do a posting on this.

Well, actually not on her exactly (hey, don’t tell me you can’t recognise the face and know who she is?) but theStar’s full third pager on Monday, 7th April ’08.

The same issue had “Pak Lah hits back” splashed on the front page. Man, that’s really ‘nation’ stuff with the continuation on page N4 plus more ‘nation’ hotties on page N6. Yessiree, that’s the kind of ‘nation’ pages we wanna read in the MSM. Especially in the nation’s highest circulation MSM rag.

So what’s with this bit on the Brit slotted in between at N3? Comic relief? Or something else? Shouldn’t it be on a ‘W‘ page?

WCW seems to be sliding sideways on his editorial oversight. And I thought he just received some sort of recognition for public service.

Agin ah sez, “Nawt mah kinda chick”. Shay ain’t peachy.

See what happens when yer got nuthin to do at 5.00 am and yer happen to browse into Malaysia-Today. Yer get jolted and/or inspired by that loose cannon (dun sue me, bro) of Malaysian blogosphere. Yer tend to start unloading on the MSM.

Nuff said