The defacto Mr Opposition.

AI has been quite in the news of late. Ironically, the MSM rags gave him extended coverage despite not being an MP yet. At least, not until 15th April ’08 when he would have served out his ineligibility to run for public office due to his previous conviction. And even then, there’s still the matter of contesting in a by-election for a parliamentary constituency which if he wins, will provide him the mandate to be present in Parliament.

Did you ever wonder why WAWI, the PR appointed opposition leader, was not interviewed?

The Star had a news report (here) on 11th April ’08 plus a Q&A the next day.

The first item had him saying that the opposition PR will not be seeking for a vote of no confidence on AAB anytime soon. With 82 seats in parliament, PR will need an additional 30 from the BN coalition for this motion to succeed. If so, will any of these 30 BN MPs be ‘leapfrogging’ into PKR or will they do so as independents who are not aligned to BN or PR for that matter? This group of MPs could well be another front, possibly coming out from Sabah and Sarawak, with their own agenda. In any case, AI stated that this move is not on the cards yet. There’s still time to do this later.

GE12 resulted with PKR winning 31 parliamentary seats, DAP 28 and PAS 23. Effectively, PKR takes the lead in the opposition coalition by virtue of the larger numbers won. Therefore, is AI quietly working towards building the PKR power base beyond the reach of their partners in PR? His recent foray into East Malaysia immediately after the election points to this possibility which, however, was met with resistance from civil society itself with regards to the moral justification if voters’ choice are not addressed. Furthermore, the ominous remark by an East Malaysian MP that they must not be considered as a reserve team for PR (or PKR) adds credence to AI’s political manipulations. Hence, plan ‘A’ didn’t go that well.

In the Q&A with the Star, AI said, “On the candidate for Prime Minister, we have more or less reached a consensus but it is not final. It has not been announced yet. And I don’t want to jump the gun. But this doesn’t mean that we are stalling as we are ready to govern. We have time.” This statement is immediately followed with.. “If I am entrusted with the job, I do not want to be in a rush because I don’t want to govern a fragile government.”

If there were going to be a massive shift of allegiance away from BN within Sabah and Sarawak and if the MPs there were to form a third front of more than 31 seats, will this negate AI’s ambition to become the next PM?

In the meantime, UMNO is slowly but surely disintegrating from within as long as AAB stays as PM. The UMNO grassroots are now openly voicing their concerns particularly from Johore. TDM, on his own volition, have sounded the clarion as early as on the 9th of March ’08 asking AAB to take responsibility for the largest GE losses ever experienced by BN, including the states of Selangor, Perak, Kedah and Penang plus a stalemate in Kuala Lumpur while Kelantan remained in PAS hands. Forty nine percent of the popular votes were garnered by PR.

And yet, we have AI saying, “We have time.

Is it not conceivable that AI’s plan A, B, C and whatever are not bearing fruit in his favor yet and he now prefers to wait out the demise of UMNO, pick up disgruntled UMNO MPs into PKR and thereafter, stake his claim to the premiership?

He’s been alluding to the fact that PR is ready to govern the nation with 82 MPs plus the ‘phantom’ 30 who are ready to cross over. Besides, only PAS have had the experience in governing. PKR and DAP are newbies in the game.

There is a necessity for AAB to step down as soon as possible, not just for the sake of political expediency to save UMNO, but more for the nation. The longer this impasse remain unresolved, the nation’s economy will deteriorate drastically in the coming months in tandem with events unfolding worldwide. The political uncertainty will further reduce foreign investments which in turn will impact on the nation’s competitive edge.

If the price of rice have risen between 10 and 15% in the past week, what do you reckon it will cost by December ’08?

The UMNO led BN administration are at sixes and sevens and we have the defacto opposition leader saying “We have time“. UMNO’s weakness is being milked to the fullest by AI’s PKR in particular and may not necessarily be for the benefit of the PR coalition.

Perhaps, AI needs time to set up the FMD nexus. Father, Mother and Daughter.

That will be the day, eh folks. After all, there’s already AAB/KJ, LKS/LGE and KS/GSD.

And I thought, having a strong two-bloc coalition parliamentary system was meant for the citizens’ benefit.

*Meanwhile, the Foot in Mouth Diatribe, continues*