Duh Prime Minister.

It’s confirmed, folks. AAB’s not leaving us yet. According to Bernama’s report (here), he’s staying until December ’08 and perhaps, even beyond coz he’s also contesting for the UMNO presidency. With or without the 20, 30, 50, or whatever nominations required for any challengers, I presume AAB will throw down the gauntlet even if he has to stand against the tea-lady. If only one journo could have had the courage to give an answer to AAB’s rhetorical “Why shouldn’t I contest? You tell me”, he/she would have been anointed President for life (of the NPC) on the spot.

I’ve got to take my hat off to this bloke. He’s got loads and heaps of chutzpah. His kahunas must be bristling in his purple pampers with all the flack he’s been getting since GE12 that he’s apparently reverting to having 15 baths a day to cool down. Have yer noticed his John Waynish stance interpersed with the Mr Magooish blank stare during press conferences lately? His medication of uppers, downers and what-exactly-are-these-for-doc re-animations are displayed in full colour on prime time national TV. I hear nobody wants to watch it on AK’s Astro coz they can’t figure out whether to slot it under comedy, docudrama or national geriatric. Besides, the new smartcard would default by default.

Eight months is a long, long time for an embattled politician to wait out. But he’s got the full support of his deputy and the majority of the UMNO grassroots. Don’t listen to the rumblings coming from certain UMNO luminaries and/or division chiefs as they represent the minority, according to AAB. And we should believe him coz he’s not going to make the same mis-judgements as in the run-up to GE12. No sirree, not this guy. He’s smarter now. Snigger, snigger..Hey, I can’t help it, ok.

In fact, AAB’s so much better that the opposition are now rallying in support of him. We have the likes of AI, KS, GSD, etc and even a former UN rapper rappop reaper.. what the f.. uhhm.. never mind.. taking potshots at his main detractor, TDM. So you see, when AAB said that he was the PM for all Malaysians, it’s finally coming true. Except for TDM, of course but he still got friends what.

So let me ask you this. Will 8 months be enough time for AAB to clean up the PKFZ, PGCC, Wang Ehsan, ECM-Libra, IDR, UN-Food-for-oil, BSA-Tahir, Hindraf 5, etc and perhaps, arrange a clean getaway smooth transition of leadership within UMNO and the federal government (which may or may not be the BuNch he’s with now)? Ok lah, let’s give him another 3 months after he clobbers the sh*t out of the tea-lady at the UMNO polls so that he can leave with some dignity.

While we wait for the next press-the-button-of-your-remote episode of ‘Malaysian Dummies for Politics’, who’s looking after the economy, folks? BN? PR? Naahh! The Orcs are too busy clamoring for Gollum’s Precious One Ring To Rule Them All.