Yeah folks, I’m not kidding yer. Swear to G… hmmm, ok, let’s not go that way, shall we. Don’t wanna have to repeat it in any court or whatever.

Some bright spark in BN decided, since there is no parliamentary sittings due to Ramadhan, now would be an opportune time to gather everyone for an overseas study trip to errr… study update themselves with the latest information about agriculture and high-tech food production.. yeah right!

And they’re gonna do it in Australia. Gosh, it must also be that time of the year to check out how the ‘Cobra’ is (sea)faring in Perthy.

All expenses will be borne by ONE BN MP. Whooaaah….

Hang on, does anyone know whether 140 people can fit into a luxury yatch? Now, supposing if it hits a rock and sinks with everybody onboard coz the captain ain’t exactly seaworthy himself, does that mean we can finally have a new Federal government? Or perhaps, Malaysia will earn the unenviable distinction of being the first country ever to have the entire cabinet and its full coterie of political supporters governing the nation from another sovereign land (during peace-time).

Dang! Must be the fasting coz I’m getting a little delusional without the smokes.

Nuff said.