Pic from The Malaysian Insider.

Ooooo… and some of you might have thought that I was referring to AI from PKR, didn’t you.

Anywayz, AAB is utterly unhappy with this AI from UMNO because the latter referred to the chinese as ‘squatters who did not deserve to be granted Malaysian citizenship. Heck, I can’t recall this buffoon as having sat down with our founding father, TAR, prior to Independence Day and having any say on the matter. Is he also indirectly saying that TAR was out of his mind to grant citizenships to immigrants? Besides, there is a difference between immigrants and squatters but I guess this UMNOputra is blind to the fact.

And now, this AI from UMNO is ‘branding’ the chinese as somewhat similar to Jews.

What we have here is a person who will fit in nicely with any ultra-centric groups like the Nazis, Zionists and the Ku Klux Klan although I doubt AI/UMNO will survive the initiation rituals.

Just another brownie redneck with grand delusions to re-write history.

Let’s see how AAB, the head of UMNO Penang, handles this belligerant recalcitrant. There should be enough evidence of sedition and perhaps, even criminal intimidation, to warrant a charge with punitive action to be taken.

And AAB should also be looking over his shoulder at another bloke who’s up to some mischief.

Meanwhile, popcorn, anyone?