OK, folks. That’s a fib. It’s not true. It’s my sinister imagination running wild when I read in the news that Penang will be closing NS camps due to safety reasons. And apparently, these ‘unsafe’ NS camps were built without proper approval from the local authorities.

Hence, I thought, here’s the possible interim solution on matters relating to the dreaded ISA. But allow me to digress, just a wee bit, so that you’ll get a better perspective of my … errrm.. insanity.

AI, Pakatan Rakyat’s anointed leader is promising a range of radical changes if he becomes the next PM of Malaysia. To quote him:

“Anwar promises that if he becomes prime minister, he would not only scrap laws that muzzle criticism, but also upend the father-knows-best style of government and end a longstanding policy that favored the country’s majority Malays over other ethnic groups”………….

Anwar initially vowed to bring down the government by Tuesday, saying he had written commitments from enough lawmakers to force the government’s collapse. But he now concedes that the governing coalition’s move to send lawmakers to Taiwan could succeed in drawing off some support, forcing him to delay his bid for power……..

The changes that Anwar has proposed could change Malaysia substantially, and fast.

“All the draconian, oppressive laws must go,” Anwar said in a recent interview.

He promises to repeal Malaysia’s toughest laws that give the government the power to detain opponents without trial, ban unauthorised protests, bar students from participating in politics and keep the news media in line by requiring newspapers and magazines to apply for annual publishing permits.

He would also free all “political prisoners.”

Perhaps most explosive, he said he would end many special privileges for his own ethnic group, the Malays, who are given a variety of advantages, including discounts on houses, exclusive rights to government contracts and a reserved quota of stock-market shares. The privileges have angered the country’s two other main ethnic groups: Malaysian citizens of Chinese and Indian descent.”

Read the rest of the yadda yadda stuff here.

I am rather sick to the stomach listening to AI’s bellyaching promises for a better Malaysia under his guidance and am still waiting for some definitive contribution from him post GE12. There’s 82 (including oneĀ  ‘neither here nor there’ Kelantan bloke) opposition MPs in parliament and PR actually have governance in five states.

In light of the recent ISA detentions by the BN government, is it not possible for PR to get the Perak state government to issue a ‘get out of Perak’ order to the Federal administration? After all, when it comes to land matters, the relevant state have final say on any approval or otherwise. It does not matter what the reasons are as long as it is valid within the state’s constitution and I’m fairly certain such an order can be upheld in a court of law.

Therefore, why isn’t AI exercising the authority that’s within his hands if he truly has the political will to do so?

Maybe, I’m crazy to even suggest this preposterous idea but what the heck, here it is. Hmmmm.. I can hear somebody choking on his sambal petai muffins….

Meanwhile, who cares where the BN government will move ‘Kamunting camp’ to coz every other state ain’t gonna touch a hot potato.

Btw is there an NS camp in Kamunting? Just wondering, that’s all.

Update: 1730HR 15/09/08.

Told yer that Kelantan bloke was wishy-washy, didn’t I.