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An excellent analysis by William Leong Jee Keen, the MP for Selayang, was published at the CPI website included this narrative:

The MPs Duty and Good Conscience

The paramount duty of the MP is therefore to act in the interest and welfare of his constituents and the next in the order of priority is to the Parliament. The Parliament, is the second pillar of government. It is one of the three institutions in the concept of the separation of powers of the government. It is to act as a check and balance to executive power. The Parliament is the avenue, through the principle of parliamentary privilege, by which the people may explore alternatives to the Executive’s proposals, to expose a wrong or an injustice. The people vote their parliamentarians to guard their liberties and to query the activities of the Executive and its servants. It is in the ability of the Parliament to challenge the Executive that provides the real restrain to an overzealous or unwise use of authority. The Parliament is therefore not created to be “a rubber stamp” of the Executive. The parliamentarians have a duty to be independent minded and are not put there by the people to be “yes men” for their party bosses….. ”

You can read the full article here.

My initial posting on the Third Front.

Thank you to Desi for the heads up.

Kudos, Sir.

Will he keep his word to stay out? Read here and here.

Update: 0200HR 17/09/08.

A man before his time or, in Haris Ibrahim’s description, the Reluctant Politician? Go read.

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