No kidding, folks. This bloke have joined the Malaysian blogging community as reported here.

Check out 1malaysia. Rather 2010-ish sounding blog name, isn’t it?

Ooooo… I just had a chilling effect going up/down my back. What if this newbie insist on turning up at Bloghouse gatherings or at Maria’s MRTs or horror of horrors, at the Wharf? I can imagine all the ‘yikes‘ and ‘eeeeewwwwws‘ from the regular bloggers and bloggerettes before the whole bunch of us run helter skelter from ground zero.

Errr.. anybody knows how much a bomb-sniffing K9 costs? Expertise in promptly locating C4 within 2 seconds from two kilometers away is a prerequisite.

As Rocky, the All-Blogs prez, wrote on OBE just now, can we start laughing and crying now?

Or we can flood NTR’s blog with .. ahemm… &c0##)(b?//n^s11h@i!!t.