SAPP have started their exodus into uncharted territory. A tri-partisan political scenario which may set the course for a better Malaysia.

PR may have failed to set up the new Federal government on Malaysia Day, 16th September ’08 but SAPP’s exit from BN will invariably pave the way for a further reduction of BN’s mandate to govern the nation.

If there is enough support or even a total rejection of the UMNO-led BN administration by the other eleven component parties of MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PBB, SUPP, SPDP, PRS, UPKO, PBS, PBRS, and LDP, UMNO with 79 seats in parliament will become a minority government.

As a minority government, UMNO’s position will be precarious in light of the Budget debate scheduled in October ’08 whereby a vote of no confidence on AAB can be made and upheld in parliament. If and when this comes to pass, the YDPA may have to decide on a new PM who commands the confidence of the majority of the MPs. With 79 MPs, UMNO will then face up to 82 from PR and 61 from the new Third Front. Alternatively, BN/UMNO may resort to calling for snap general election on parliamenrtary seats only as there may be provisions within the Federal Constitution to allow the GE12 results for state seats to be maintained.

There is another option i.e. MPs of PR and the Third Front totalling 143 seats can negotiate amongst themselves to set up a unity government or a Grand Coalition PROVIDED UMNO does not call for a snap election mentioned earlier. Even so, for the sake of transparency and legitimacy, it is hoped that such a coalition is meant to set the nation back on track to proper governance, and a fresh mandate from the rakyat is sought within the near future (instead of 2013). UMNO will effectively become the de-facto opposition in parliament in the interim period.

Let’s see whether our elected MPs have the scrotal and moral gumption to truly serve their electorate including those who did not vote for them.

For heaven’s sake, please do it for all Malaysians and not just the party.

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