There are currently two petitions running at the heels of potential signatories in the aftermath of BN’s infamous round-up of the usual suspects on 12th September ’08.

One was by Tony Pua of DAP entitled “Free Teresa, Abolish ISA” whilst another was written by Lim Teck Ghee of Centre for Policy Initiatives, a non-profit policy reform institute formally established in June ’08, addressed to the Prime Minister to “Free Raja Petra Kamaruddin, Teresa Kok and Others Held under the Internal Security Act”.

At the time of writing, both petitions have garnered 33,300 ++ and 20,500 ++ signatories respectively. Of course, by now, we know THC and TK are out free but 64 remain incarcerated including RPK.

Meanwhile, I don’t have to remind you of how incensed this bloke is.

I am equally perturbed at the general apathy of Malaysian civil society in addressing an injustice which is happening right before their very eyes. So we get the usual crappy excuses of not wanting to sign because a) Oh! It contains a very distressing clause b) I got family to feed so cannot lah c) What petition? and d) whatever typical apathetic Malaysians can conjure. What’s worse is that we also have so-called uber bloggers undermining a noble cause by NOT promoting the petition on their blogs and others who has a self-righteous attitude of dissecting semantics.

But that doesn’t get my goat.

This one does – Where are the signatories from members of PKR, DAP and PAS? There should be hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in their respective camps. Still busy campaigning ah?

If you can’t find the links to the petition on this posting, it’s because I didn’t bother to include it. Go find it elsewhere!