On 14th September ’08, I wrote “Perak closes Kamunting camp”.

SHA, the Home minister, signed the two-year detention order on RPK one day prior to the latter’s habeas corpus hearing in court. It appears that the BN administration are playing mind-games with RPK and us, and that there was never any intention from the federal government to uphold the rule of law.

Therefore, while AI’s plan for a peaceful and smooth power transition is put on hold, I’d like to see if he has the scrotal gumption to play hardball. After all, his nemesis, AAB, is hanging tough.

Therefore, will PR get their act together and use all their resources to draw a line of offense. KDC is in their backyard and it’s about time the landlord evict a recalcitrant tenant. Who knows if a victory there will lead to another type of eviction in Parliament.

It’s payback time, AI. Your win at PP had RPK’s hand in it. Aren’t you going to help him (and the others, if possible)? Look at it another way, AI. The BN administration can’t send you to KDC if it’s not there anymore. Kinda like saving your own skin, so to speak.

Oh yeah, one more thing, AI. The natives are restless and they might in fact help you achieve your lofty plans to become the next PM, through the Third Front as mentioned here, here and here. And I hope this other scenario is just rumors.

Update: 2040HR 24/09/08.

Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together.