So RPK has been sent to KDC for two years when the Home minister signed the ISA detention papers one day prior to RPK’s scheduled appearance in court to hear his habeas corpus appeal.

We know that the ISA is meant to be a preventive law which the BN government utilises ostensibly in the name of national security. Therefore, by placing RPK in detention without access to a court of law to exercise his democratic right to defend himself, we can certainly consider the ISA as a piece of legislation which is unilateral in nature. The ISA, in effect, bypasses all legal avenues that should be accorded to a Malaysian citizen including the function of the Judiciary which is one of the pillars of a ‘real’ democracy.

Only one person has the dubious monopoly to implement and enforce the ISA i.e. the Home minister, SHA. He is the judge, jury and executioner who also happens to be an UMNO politician. He may be a lawyer by qualification (or perhaps, not at all) and I can’t recall of him serving in the Malaysian judicial system in any capacity. Hence, does SHA have the wherewithall to be neutral and prudent in his ‘judgement’? I think not.

Let’s use the following analogy as a term of reference to describe someone who is a threat to society – an arsonist, a person who willfully or maliciously burn property with criminal or fraudulent intent. The alleged arsonist is apprehended by the authorities however, due to lack of evidence, the arsonist is placed under ISA detention under order from the all-powerful, all-knowing Home minister to protect civil society. Whether guilt can established at a latter stage is besides the point and the authorities are at liberty to investigate at their leisure or maybe not at all. The ‘problem’ has been nipped in the bud, so to speak. You’d reckon that by now the burning property has been extinguished and it’s therefore safe for society to carry on with their daily life.

So let’s then assume that RPK is an ‘arsonist’ of a different kind. The type who writes thought provoking articles primarily to stoke the ambers of long-lost conscience within the minds of his readers in order to cajole, persuade and perhaps, shake them out of their self imposed apathy. Invariably, most of his articles are aimed at the government of the day and he has become a thorn in their thick hide. Malaysia-Today was blocked at one stage but as expected, with the infamous flip-flopping decisions by the AAB administration, this order was riscinded within a couple of weeks with, as usual, nobody taking responsibility on the initial ‘gag’ order.

Therefore, RPK the ‘arsonist’ was thrown into KDC to basically shut him up for good.

End of story?

Not quite.

Coz the ‘ambers’ have now turned into a ‘raging flame’ within the hearts of enlightened Malaysians and surprisingly, the authorities have unwittingly allowed the burning property to continue spreading like wild-fire.

Confused? Well, aren’t the burning properties errrm… still burning!!!

a) No Holds Barred.

b) The Corridors of Power.

c) A Republic of Virtue.

d) From Around the Blogs, etc, etc.

Ahhh.. Yer get the picture.

Judge Dredd would have been proud of RPK coz the other bloke is still pissing in his pants, sucking on his thumb whist trying to fill his water pistol and skidding around on his tri-cycle.