Yo RP, I know it’s your birthday today so I thought I’ll bring you some ‘good’ news, maaaan.

Yer recall what I wrote about the Third Front and if somehow, the whole bandwagon of 61 MPs from MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PBB, SUPP, SPDP, PRS, UPKO, PBS, SAPP, PBRS and LDP leaves UMNO alone in BN, that will make UMNO with 79 seats in parliament a minority government.

Yessiree, I can see yer salivating at the idea more than AI would coz UMNO would be shaking in their leather sandals everytime there’s a dewan rakyat sitting, bro. With the Budget debate due in mid-October, AAB.. oops.. NTR will face off with 61 plus 81(+1 funny fler from Kelate) and if there’s a successful motion of no confidence on the Budget proposal, there might have to be a snap election lah!

Or the big guy at the Istana may just change the PM if he decides a majority confidence is more paramount than having another GE.

And considering 61+81(+maybe one more) is bigger than UMNO’s 79, who do you think will be PM?

AAB has gone lame ducky while NTR can’t get more than 79+1, hence AI might just get his wish, won’t it.

That is, if AI is prepared to concede that the Third Front can be to his advantage after all if he can’t get the froggies to jump directly into PR. Well, ermmm.. its a little more complicated coz I also think AI may have to re-assure these Thirdies that whatever portfolios already in their hands must remain unchanged for the TF/PR unity government to work amicably together. Hey, its quid pro quo and besides, when UMNO have to walk over and sit on the opposition chairs, all their juicy fat portfolios will go to…. ahhh.. yer get my drift.

Yeah, I realise its slow in coming.. we know SAPP’s 2 seats are out of BN.. but hey, UPKO’s 4 is seriously looking at the same option coz they are pissed off with wannabee Judgy Dreddy for making one of their elderly bumiputra folk become a non-citizen just because she lost her mykad last year. Geez, this clown gotta be shitting in his pants when he realises that Homey’s a hot seat and his weekly gaffes can scuttle BN’s 51 year history.

Kinda karma karmelic, don’t you think for this to happen to that bloke who put you in your current abode.

And there’s more.., bro. The other big guy in Perak took a shot at Browny Baldy too. Not sure if any BN MPs are agitated with that case but what the heck, we’ll spin it left, right and center on the blogs and get em to join TF anywayz.

Ok, Ok, I know you hate long story-telling tales unless you’re the one doing it yerself.

The main point is.. with AI as PM, yer got one foot out of there, man. And when yer get yer other foot out too, a leisurely stroll to the nearest mamak stall is a cinch.

Errr… hang on, will that shorty lawyer of yours be quick on the habis kopek or whatever? Yer see he tends to write rather long postings on his blog but I presume he’ll note the urgency in your case. Especially when yer wifey can sort of hover around his back, looking at proceedings.

So that’s it, bro.

Btw how young are you today? Could never figure it out when I’m hanging around with yer and it ain’t my thing to ask a guy anywayz. Young babes, now that’s different but you’ve already seen my sinister moves, haven’t yer.

Oh yeah, the farmer and that other guy who puffs smoke into other people’s eyes sez “Hellloooooo”.

P.S. If yer reading this message in black & white printed on paper coz yer Mrs can’t bring a laptop into your room coz them SBs won’t allow it, try color marking the links. Some geek told me that might work. Cheerio and smile alwayz. The Flame is burning bright on our side, just for you. And the other 63 OKTs, of course.

P.P.S. It’s Yappy coz TK called it dog food when she was inside while you said something else, and PAPPY BIRTHDAY sounds so gayish mah!