I was at Bloghouse with a whole bunch of bloggers and bloggerettes (Yeah, right. Where else would we feel at home. The Wharf came much later) anxiously awaiting the incoming results of 2008 GE on 8th March ’08 and later, at past midnight, when it became obvious that Penang had fallen to the opposition, we all witnessed an act of profound magnanimity by a BN leader which is intrinsically missing from the rest.

KTK took it upon himself to immediately greet LGE in person at the witching hour to acknowledge Gerakan’s defeat in trying to defend Penang. Considering the almost total demolition his party experienced, nobody would blame KTK if he had met the new state minister later in the day. Don’t we all recalled what SV of MIC did when he lost at Sungei Siput. (M.I.A. lah).

Anywayz, six months down the calender, Gerakan is in a state of bother. To continue staying within the BN coalition, join PR or become an ‘independent’ political party (hmmm.. sounds like a Third Front option to me). Apparently, 60% of the grassroot members prefer to extricate the party out of BN for a variety of reasons and this proposal has been reported in the MSM for the past couple of weeks.

So much so, another bloke from UMNO (yeah, there’s more than one air-head apart from that Bukit Bendera loud-mouth) has thrown down the gauntlet to the acting Gerakan chief.

“As a leader, he must be responsible to the coalition. He needs to set the course for Gerakan and make his position clear. After all, a fish rots from the head down,” said Penang Umno liaison committee deputy chairman Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdullah. (Read full article here at The Malaysian Insider).

That has got to hurt real bad coming from a so-called comrade in BN, especially the fish head analogy which is soooooo.. uhhmm.. MCA-ish.

In the same TMI article was a comment from S.H. Huang who wrote:


Gerakan: “To leave or not to leave,” that is the question.
written by Huang Siew Hock, September 29, 2008

Gerakan is now in a dilemma: “To leave or not to leave”, that is the question. Some Gerakan leaders in Penang, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur had left or resigned. It appears that the coming days and weeks will see an EXODUS from the Party, thereby leaving just a “shell” . The situation becomes more fuzzy and confusing when the acting President is neither here nor there; and he is indecisive. A leader has to make quick decisions; dilly-dallying will not make decision-making any easier in the future. He must weigh the pros and cons, discuss with fellow colleagues and come to a definitive decision without further delay. In my earlier analysis “Can BN save the PM ? Or can the PM save BN?”, in Malaysiakini, I mentioned that Gerakan cannot save itself, least of all save the PM. It lost its stronghold, Penang; and is now left with two MPs! What bargaining chips does it have in BN? Rather pathetic! It is a far cry from the days when it took Penang by storm while in Opposition. What reasons did it have then to form BN with the then Alliance ? It was, and still is to a certain extent, though heavily dominated by the Chinese, multi-racial; in fact it was the BEACON that brightened the future of multi-racialism. And most people then were hoping that, at long last,a truly multi-racial Party had been born. But this idealism slowly faded away after it co-founded BN.

Now, where does it stand in the corridors of power ?

With the tearing and stomping of the President’s photo by a racist in Penang, the UMNO leader had shown his colours to a BN component! It was the height of humiliation a leader could endure! Was it not enough for the acting Presidnet to call for an emergency meeting of Gerakan, and make a DECISION? Nothing of the sort happened! Now, he is still pondering, in spite of the humiliation, whether Gerakan should leave BN! Does he have any self-esteem left in his bones? Or is he still hoping against hope to “survive ” from the thrashing his Party received at the polls? What is he hoping for? For a durian to fall?

S.H. Huang


Personally, I can emphatise with KTK and sincerely believe he’s a decent chap who got caught out with BN’s strategy with an over dependence on the UMNO leadership to pull through unscathed in the last GE.

Unfortunately, we do know UMNO itself was rudderless, no thanks to AAB’s incompetent and inept leadership qualities.

Gerakan in fact have tried to move towards installing reforms prior to the GE without any success mainly to the recalcitrant antics of UMNO (KJ was in the thick of it, wasn’t he).

Soooo… KTK, yer got kicked in the head and teeth with that photo-tearing episode recently. Do yer wanna get your family jewels (Gerakan lah. Not that part of your anatomy) bashed as well?

Go independent, reform Gerakan as a non race-based party and yer will get the attention of both BN and PR by 2013. Even Penang malays have spoken, fer crying out loud. Coz malays and umnoputras are not the same species.

Forget the idea of waiting for the right time to review UMNO’s evolution under NTR because this bloke will be too busy re-distributing the BN assets among his UMNO supporters during the next six months, and as usual, there will be nothing of significance left for BN component allies. Besides, there’s an ongoing worldwide financial meltdown apart from the potential fallout from the Maybank/BII deal so the new MOF chief is gonna have his hands tied up elsewhere. Comprende?

Or do I have to add vowels to your initials to ensure that ‘a man got to do what a man has to’?

Meanwhile, remember this?

What happened to this fler lah?