DAP wants Eurocopter deal suspended

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 22 – The DAP has called for the RM2.3 billion Eurocopter deal to be suspended pending the outcome of the Public Accounts Committee’s (PAC) investigation.

“I call on the Cabinet to take a definitive decision in its Friday meeting that the Letter of Intent issued to Eurocopter is suspended until the outcome of the scrutiny is known,”

its Parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang said in a media statement today.

The Ipoh Timur MP had also asked the government to suspend the deal last week when it was revealed that the 12 Cougar EC725 helicopters being purchased would cost far more than other helicopters in the running.

Soon after, the PAC said it would scrutinise the deal and the Defence Ministry had also defended the deal saying it followed regulations.

However, it has also recently surfaced that Brazil would be acquiring 50 “Super Cougar” helicopters at RM4.2 billion, or RM84 million each. The 12 Cougars to be deployed by the RMAF average RM193 million each.

Lim called for the PAC to have independent experts advise on the investigation.

“Parliament should empower the PAC to engage consultants knowledgeable in aviation… and not be totally dependent on the Defence Ministry or Royal Malaysian Air Force,” he said.

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Dei LKS, please lah check your facts before you start bamboozling people’s intelligence with outdated facts.

Mindef have already disclosed the tender bid from Eurocopter was Euro 233, 345,390 on 17th October ’08 which works out to approximately RM 93 million per unit or RM 1.120 billion for one dozen.

You want to tembak BN, go lah ask why NTR or AAB did not highlight this price differential at the time Mindef provided the tender details.

It’s bad enough to have BN still around becoz AI’s 31 frogs croaked, now yer still terpekik2ing like a plucked chicken and advising PAC to bring on independent experts.

PAC must be independent even from the likes of you mah. Go ask your junior MP who hit out at NTR’s ‘cabinet-approved’ inquiry.