The Zionists in Israel, with tacit support from the USA, are at it again with their brand of capital punishment – isolate an entire sovereign community to the brink of starvation and bomb them as an act of self-defense.

They have certainly refined the art of shooting fish in a barrel to highly sanitized standards so much so that latest news reports of the recent state sponsored killing spree can now be read during breakfast without you throwing up.

Read the following excerpts on articles I’ve picked up from Dissident Voice and click on the links provided to peruse further.

The Media Narrative on Palestine and Israel

The outbreak of violence in Gaza has been the top story in the mainstream media here in the United States for two days in a row now, and yet I have yet to come across a single news item from any of the major newspapers or television news outlets that mentions the total number of Israelis killed by Hamas’s Qassam rockets since the official collapse of the cease fire on December 19th. Mention is made of one Israeli man killed this week and half a dozen wounded, and all articles state that at least Qassam 110 rockets have been launched into Israel since Saturday morning, with some quoting the IDF putting the figure at 300 rockets for the past week. But not once is the total of Israelis killed given. The closest precise figure I was able to dig out was from a December 31, 2007, article published in the IDF’s web site that stated, “since 2001 until today, rocket and mortar fire originating in the Gaza Strip has caused the deaths of 20 people.”

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The Inalienable Right To Resist Occupation

Israeli Jews are massacring Palestinians again. Zionists are pinning the blame on the elected representative of the Palestinians: Hamas.

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni demonized the Palestinian movement: “Hamas is a terrorist organization and nobody is immune.”

Complicitly, the Whitehouse blamed Hamas, as did Canada’s government. Government officials in the US, Canada, and Europe spoke the same lame phrase, “Israel has a right to defend itself,” as if the slaughter being carried out by a world military power against a starving population could be construed as some kind of defense. Israel, the world’s most frequently cited violator of international law, a racist state, an occupation state built through violence and slow-motion genocide is being acknowledged as having the right to defend its criminality. This is preposterous; there is no right of an occupation regime to defend its occupation. Palestine, however, has a right to resist occupation!

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To be fair, I should include news reports favoring the Zionists but I’m not in a charitable mood. Besides, those inclined would probably barf their breakfast with the second paragraph above. If only….

Meanwhile, the new Prez ain’t ready and seemingly dis-informed.

Politicians…. Sigh!